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Gypsy moth caterpillars

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Hatching in May from buff-colored egg masses deposited on tree trunks or in more sheltered places, the tiny (quarter-inch-long) caterpillars almost immediately climb upward toward sunlight and the leaves on which they will begin to feed.

Over the last few years the trees of Plymouth and Bristol Counties have been greatly damaged and the problem is spreading.  When gypsy moth caterpillars have run out of leafy material they move onto the conifers, often killing them.

What we do:  Using our truck-based sprayer, we use apply a product that targets and kills invasive species like the winter moth and gypsy moth caterpillar.

Safety:  We use an EPA approved product that we believe is the safest and most effective available.  Normal drying time is 10 to 15 minutes.  We suggest waiting 30 minutes before walking on the lawn.