April 14, 2017 Caterpillar Report


From the UMass Monitoring Station:

Winter moth eggs just started to hatch in Hanson (on the south side of the tree being monitored for hatch) on Friday April 14, at 41 GDD, base 50.

The remaining winter moth eggs on the north, east and west side of the tree, have not yet hatched and remain orange. Winter moth eggs will turn blue as the larvae mature within the egg, just prior to hatch.

With the warm weather forecast, we should be seeing more eggs hatch as the week progresses. However, it is important for clients with apple trees, blueberry bushes or other fruit affected by winter moth, to be preemptive and apply dormant oil and/or an insecticide application, according to label instructions, to those apple trees, blueberry bushes, etc., as weather permits.

Once the caterpillars are inside the apple or blueberry buds, they eat the reproductive parts and the result is that there is nothing to pollinate and no fruit will be produced. 

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